Polin Croft
Things to do

How to get to the beach

  • The length of the walk is 680 meters.
  • The elevaton above sea level is 36 meters.
  • Walk out of the main gate. Turn right and walk along the road above the croft and towards the Polin Beach Car Park. Keep going straight along the road towards the end house.

    As you get to the end you will see a gap on the right-hand side between the last two houses and a sign to the beach. Go past the old sheds and through the first gate which takes you down a grassy path. You will pass through three more gates until you reach the beach. There are some rocky and indented parts of the path so care will need to be taken.

    There are many paths onto the beach after the last gate - straight on and down to the right, to the right (past the bench) and down to the left over the rocks, to the right then straight on and down over the smooth rocks. All routes require some careful footwork to get onto and off the beach.

    The walk takes from 10 minutes upwards depending on your own walking speed and how many times you stop to take photos or admire the view. 10 minutes is a fairly moderate, no stopping speed. Care is required as sometimes it is muddy and sometimes there are sheep and cows wandering around.